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Take the next step in your career

These short certificate programs are the perfect way to create forward movement and quickly learn a new skill, enhance your subject matter expertise, or add to your resume.

Certificate in Effective Grammar
Write and edit better starting today. Gain confidence in your writing. Improve your communication skills.

February 5 - March 29  |  Online

Certificate in Workplace Communication
Good communication in the workplace is more important than ever. And critical to your career advancement and success. 

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
Certificate in Data Analysis
Data Analysis is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace. Companies have vast amounts of data, but it is rare to have someone with the ability to analyze that data to see trends and make predictions. 

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
Statistics for Decision Making Certificate
Improve your decision-making success with an advanced practical how-to process for gathering statistics. Help your organization design effective surveys to improve business and workplace effectiveness.

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
Certificate in Mastering Excel
A must-have skill to succeed in business, whether an entrepreneur or a valued employee, is the ability to create, edit and manage spreadsheets.

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
Power BI Certificate
Gain insights into your data using business intelligence software – Power Business Intelligence.

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
SQL Certificate
Structured Query Language (SQL) is the industry standard database programming language. It is one of the most in-demand skills in occupations that require interaction with data and analyzing data.

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
Management Certificate
Explore the principles of collaborative management and gain insight into how to expand your collaborative skills for the success of your team or organization.

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
Supervisory and Leadership Certificate
Ensuring the efficiency of your team is the key to your success and is your most important responsibility.

February 5 - March 29, 2024  |  Online
Certificate in Web Design
A website’s design is the number one criterion for deciding whether a company is credible or not, according to recent research. Understanding what it takes to produce effective web design is essential in today’s market of highly saturated digital competition.

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
Mastering Computer Skills for the Workplace
Must-have skills to succeed in the workplace include the ability to create, edit and manage presentations in MS PowerPoint, documents in MS Word, email and calendars in MS Outlook, and spreadsheets in MS Excel.

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
Entrepreneurship Certificate
Boost your chances of success for your new or small business and reduce your risks. Get the latest on planning your business, brainstorming business ideas, and a checklist for going into business. 

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
Certificate in Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Every successful person in the workplace utilizes financial information to aid in decision making. This certificate explains financial concepts and accounting processes used in most businesses. 

February 5 - April 26, 2024  |  Online
GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator)/CCSP (Certified Career Services Provider)
This certificate program offers the training required for national credentialing as a GCDF and a CCSP. Professionals with these credentials work in education, workforce development, non-profit, government, and community agencies, as well as in consulting and private practice. 

April 8 - June 30, 2024  |  Online and Scheduled Zoom Sessions

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