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Java Developer Certification 1 Outline/Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Create, compile, and run a simple Java application.
  • Control program flow by writing code to react to specific situations and produce correct results for the situation.
  • Work with a Java class library to instantiate objects from Java classes.
  • Create classes in the Java 2 programming language.
  • Program with objects to write Java applications that are reusable, reliable, and understandable.
  • Handle exceptions to detect and manage errors while your Java application is running.
  • Create threads in your Java application to provide concurrency among multiple parallel execution subtasks, with or without synchronization.
  • Use collections in a Java application.
  • Develop a graphical user interface (GUI) using Swing library components to handle mouse and key events.
Creating, Compiling, and Running a Simple Java Application
  • Compile and Run a Simple Application
  • Create a Simple Class
  • Create and Initialize Variables
  • Write an Expression
  • Create and Initialize an Array
  • Access Array Data
Controlling Program Flow
  • Write If Statements
  • Write a For Loop
  • Write While and Do...While Loops
  • Break Out of a Loop
  • Write a Switch Statement
  • Write a Conditional Operator Statement

Working with the Java Class Libraries
  • Create a New Object from a Java Class Library
  • Call Methods
  • Cast and Convert Primitives and Objects
  • Compare Objects
  • Determine the Class of an Object

Creating Classes
  • Define Methods
  • Overload a Method
  • Define Constructors
  • Create Static Class Members
  • Use Command-Line Arguments

Programming with Objects
  • Import a Class
  • Extend a Class
  • Override Methods
  • Create Interfaces
  • Implement Interfaces
  • Create Inner Classes

Handling Exceptions
  • Handle Exceptions
  • Write a Method to Throw a Checked Exception
  • Write and Enable Assertions

Creating Threads
  • Create Threads by Extending the Thread Class
  • Create Threads by Implementing the Runnable Interface
  • Synchronize Threads

Using Collections
  • Store Data in a Set
  • Retrieve Data from a Set
  • Store Data in a List
  • Retrieve Data from a List
  • Store Data in a Map
  • Retrieve Data from a Map

Developing GUIs

  • Create a Container Using Swing
  • Create Swing Components
  • Apply Layout Managers
  • Handle Mouse Events
  • Handle Key Events

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Exam Code: CX-310-065 – Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional Exam Certified Java Programmer

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